Celtics news: Brad Stevens roasts Kobe Bryant for advice on Jayson Tatum
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Brad Stevens pokes fun at Kobe Bryant giving advice to Jayson Tatum

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Brad Stevens is years removed from his playing days but he just did the improbable by blocking Kobe Bryant. The Boston Celtics head coach playfully reacted to the Los Angeles Lakers legend’s latest installment of his Detail series where he picked apart the game of rookie phenom Jayson Tatum.

Of course, the first-year player appreciated the attention from the future Hall of Famer, even admitting that he had already watched the video 25 times. However, Stevens opted to use the storied rivalry between the Lakers and Celtics as ammo for poking fun at Bryant.

Via a tweet from Jay King of The Athletic:

Brad Stevens on Kobe’s Tatum breakdown: “you’ve gotta be careful taking (advice) from a Laker. Nah I’m kidding.”

Stevens has a great thing going on with Tatum. The rookie has thrived in the playoff stage, leading the Celtics in scoring. Touted by Danny Ainge as his top overall pick despite being selected at No.3, Tatum is an assurance that Boston’ s future is in good hands.

However, with the way things are going for Stevens’ club in Game 3 against the Cleveland Cavaliers, it might be good to hear out as many advice from basketball authorities at this point.