It was immediately clear to anyone who saw the injury Boston Celtics forward Gordon Hayward suffered on opening night against the Cleveland Cavaliers was serious. After such a severe injury, chances were high that it would be last time anyone would see him on the court for the season.

However, there was optimism in the aftermath of the injury that Hayward might return within the season. And now that he’s out of his walking boot, Hayward is also not ruling out the possibility that he makes his way back on the court before the season ends.

It’s no surprise that Hayward wants to get back onto the court as soon as possible. While he most likely won’t be in any shape to contribute to the team in the postseason, he will at least want to be able to play some games and shake off some rust before he heads into the summer like Paul George did when he famously broke his leg.

The Celtics will obviously look to take every precaution with their star, but if Hayward progresses to the point where he’s physically able to return, the team should at least consider giving Hayward some gametime.