There are a number of pressing questions that the Boston Celtics would need to answer as they open their training camp for the 2020-2021 NBA season. The squad is looking to improve on last season's ECF berth. For Celtics superstar Jayson Tatum, one of the most pressing questions he wants answered is where the heck their newly hired assistant coach Evan Turner is at.

Tatum went on social media to roast his new assistant coach after Turner posted on his Instagram account suggesting that he's in Chicago or someplace else. The 22 year old went on the comments section and savagely responded to Turner's rather poetic caption.

“Lol yo when you coming to practice” Tatum replied. To which Turner responded to with, “Don't do that. I'm working remotely.”

Hopefully this light back and forth doesn't earn Tatum a few sprints or push-ups when Turner does turn up in practice.

Kidding aside, Turner's absence isn't really surprising as he is expected to join “in a couple of weeks” per Celtics head coach Brad Stevens. The 10-year vet decided to hang up his sneakers and put on his coaching hat as he opted to retire from playing in the league to being an assistant coach for the C's last month. And his addition is something coach Stevens is really looking forward to.

“He’s a special guy, and obviously a really good player at a lot of places,” Brad Stevens said (per “Had two great years here in Boston. But just loves to be around the game, and really loves to help people. He’s got a real service orientedness to him. He’s a team guy, and I think that all of our players will love having him around, and our younger players will benefit from his advice, his experience, and all that comes with that.”

Turner will definitely be bringing something new to the table in the Celtics coaching unit with his playing experience and court savvy. Tatum and the rest of the C's will just have stay patient as they wait for Turner to join them in practice.