Celtics news: Marcus Morris on dumb plays he, Markieff Morris have had during 2017-18 NBA season
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Marcus, Markieff Morris on the dumb plays they’ve have had during 2017-18 NBA season

Marcus Morris, Markieff Morris

Markieff and Marcus Morris are the NBA identical twins you never knew you needed.

The twins play for different teams now after starting their careers off together on the Phoenix Suns. Marcus plays for the Boston Celtics, while Markieff suits up for the Washington Wizards.

The Wizards and Celtics faced off Wednesday night, and Washington came back from down 20 to win by one in double overtime. Marcus missed a defensive assignment and left Jodie Meeds wide open for a 3-pointer that sent the game into the first overtime, much to his disappointment.

But he’s not the only Morris twin to make a bad mistake while their respective teams played each other. Markieff committed some questionable fouls earlier in the season when Boston beat Washington in one of the many matchups between the squads.

When talking about the mistakes the two brothers have made in the past, Marcus had a very funny thing to say, per Jay King of MassLive.com.

There’s that old saying that twins have a telepathy of some sort and that one can feel something when it happens to the other. Perhaps it works in basketball as well.

When Marcus takes a charge, does Markieff feel it in his chest? When Markieff makes a big 3-pointer, does Marcus have a sudden urge to celebrate, even if he is at a quiet dinner with his friends?

At any rate, it’s more fun now that Marcus and Markieff are on different teams because it’s fascinating to watch them guard each other and talk trash like real brothers do and should. Here’s to more great quotes like this one for the rest of their careers.