More than a few folks were taken by surprise by the Brooklyn Nets' decision to fire Steve Nash on Tuesday. As it turns out, however, Boston Celtics icon Paul Pierce knew all along.

The Hall of Famer took to Twitter to share his thoughts on these recent developments, saying that Nash's firing was actually something that didn't shock him. However, Pierce is particularly intrigued with Ime Udoka taking over the helm as the Nets' new head coach:

“Once Brooklyn didn’t get off to a good start to the season [yo]u knew Nash would get the axe. Now what’s interesting Udoka stepping in,” Pierce wrote in his tweet.

While it is not yet official, multiple reports have already indicated that Brooklyn is already finalizing a deal to hire Udoka. ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported that an announcement could be made as early as Wednesday.

For his part, Pierce made his opinion on Udoka abundantly clear amid the Celtics coach's affair with a female employee of the organization. According to the former 10-time All-Star, Udoka should have been slapped with a suspension instead of being penalized a stern season-long suspension. Pierce is no saint, and he has had his fair share of scandals in the past, and it seems that he does not believe Udoka's punishment fits his crime.

Now that the Celtics are on the brink of losing their head coach, Pierce is very interested in how Udoka will fare as the new Nets shot-caller. Let's not forget that this man coached Boston all the way to the NBA Finals in his first year as a head coach, so it won't be surprising if he ends up doing great things in Brooklyn.