The Boston Celtics were on the verge of a potential season-ending collapse in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Miami Heat, but one shot from Derrick White erased all that.

After going up nine points with 2:44 left in the fourth quarter, the C's were in prime position to close out the contest calmly. However, if you've followed the Celtics at all this season, you probably know that they have a knack for making simple things extremely convoluted.

Following some clutch shots (and free throws) from Miami star Jimmy Butler, Boston was all of a sudden down one with three seconds remaining. The series was on the line, and when Celtics veteran Marcus Smart missed a deep 3-pointer with one tick left on the clock, it looked finished.

Instead, White swooped in for a buzzer-beating putback that capped off the chaotic 104-103 win.

While the madness from Game 6 might still be lingering, Boston will now focus on its second Game 7 of the 2023 playoffs. They've become one of just four teams to tie up the series after going down 3-0, yet none of those other three teams were able to take Game 7. However, none of those teams were home, and the C's will be when Game 7 tips off in Beantown on Monday night.

But before we discuss Game 7, let's break down Boston's stunning Game 6 victory with three major takeaways.

3. Boston's defense mostly kept them in control

For much of the season, the Celtics have been bolstered by an effective offense that made up for their defensive flaws.

In Game 6 though, the offense wasn't clicking in the second half. The C's were turning it over frequently and missing on tons of triples, as they went an abysmal 7-for-35 from beyond the arc. Usually, a combination of bad 3-point shooting and double-digit turnovers would be deadly.

Yet, Game 6 wasn't a normal night. The Green Team's defense led the way for most of the game, and even though they couldn't force many turnovers, they were making life difficult for the Heat offensively. Boston had eight blocks to Miami's four, which helps outline how well the Celtics were defending the paint. If you need any further evidence, just watch center Al Horford's block on Heat big Bam Adebayo:

Miami was hot from deep, however, it was cold everywhere else. Within the arc, the Heat went a brutal 19-for-63 (roughly 30.1%). While Miami's stars were missing some open looks, the C's applied solid defensive pressure on Butler and Adebayo. From the field, they went a combined 9-for-37.

The Celtics will need an even greater defensive effort for Game 7, as they can't rely on Miami's best players being that ice-cold again.

2. Celtics show they can grind it out

The Heat often live for gritty, gutsy showdowns like Game 6. They'll wear you down for three quarters and then strike late with clutch plays. Conversely, the Celtics have struggled in closing situations, and that was the case once more on Saturday night.

Despite their flaws down the stretch, the C's displayed that they can grind out a win if they have to. It was far from pretty, but when Miami was storming back and seemed to have the game wrapped up, Boston responded.

Rather than becoming overwhelmed by the Heat's lead and the raucous Miami crowd, the Celtics honed in and put their resiliency to the test. For their efforts, they were rewarded with a second-chance bucket and a do-or-die Game 7.

Ideally, the Celtics won't be in that situation again. However, it's good to know that they're capable of winning games in multiple ways, and not just when they're connecting on all of their shots.

1. Derrick White the hero

Since the Celtics traded for Derrick White, the former San Antonio Spurs guard has been a huge asset. He struggled in last year's playoffs and the 2023 Eastern Conference Semifinals, yet he's looked more like himself against Miami.

He's shooting over 58% from the field, over 55% from deep, and averaging 13.7 points per game. Plus, he's been getting it done defensively as well, as he's tallying an impressive 1.2 steals and 1.5 blocks per outing. The second-year Celtic has been the team's third star, and he proved it in Game 6.

In spite of all the buzzer-beating festivities, the Celtics still have plenty of work to do. The Heat will be hungry to avenge last year's Game 7 loss and avoid being on the wrong side of NBA history, while the C's will try to accomplish a comeback no other squad ever has.