For big men in the league, they take pride in defending shot attempts inside the paint, and try to prevent easy baskets to the best of their abilities. Boston Celtics bruiser Aron Baynes showed just that versus the Dallas Mavericks, as he challenged a semi hook from Maxi Kleber.

However, Baynes wasn’t successful in stopping the Mavs big man, as the latter was facing the other direction, making him ineffective in changing his shot. Instead, it resulted to a 3-point play.

The good news for Aron Baynes is that his team won on the night, 97-90. The C’s also improved their record to a league-best 22-4 slate, and are looking sharper than ever at this point of the season. Kyrie Irving once again led them in scoring with 23 points, to go along with two rebounds, five assists, and two blocks.

Next up for the Celtics are the San Antonio Spurs, who they will face on Friday. They will look to win their fifth straight victory, and their seventh in the last eight games.