Chargers news: LaDainian Tomlinson would be honored if Tom Brady joined his former team
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LaDainian Tomlinson would be honored if Tom Brady joined his former team

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The future is still uncertain for Tom Brady. There’s a lot of buzz surrounding him leaving the Patriots this season as this season has proven itself to be the one where Brady’s elite level of skills took a considerable dive. And if he will be leaving the Patriots in the summer, LaDainian Tomlinson suggests that he goes to the Los Angeles Chargers instead.

Like everyone, the former running back is watching the Brady situation develop in New England. If TB12 decides to walk away from the Patriots, the Chargers will be an ideal destination in LT’s book.

Henry McKenna of Patriots Wire talked about the situation and hoped that he gives LA a chance.

“I would be honored to have a guy of Tom’s pedigree, his intellect, his championship mettle to come lead our organization,” Tomlinson told Patriots Wire on Thursday during a call in promotion forMission Tiger and The DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation Sports Matter. “He’d really show young guys how to get it done, what it’s like to be a champion. And so if Tom wants to come to the sunshine, I’m sure Gisele would love that. I think we would all love that.”

The Chargers desperately need a quarterback to lead them from the pocket. While Philip Rivers has been a solid performer over the years, the decline in his performance means that a change is in order.

Given the current condition Brady has been in (3437 yards and 19 touchdowns with an underwhelming 86.5 quarterback rating), it’s hard to be sure that he will be a significant upgrade. However, his championship experience and media presence will do a lot of good for the Chargers if they do get him.