Well not everyone who's getting a shout-out in Taylor Swift's new song lyrics is likely to be flattered (looking at you Kim Kardashian, aka ‘Aimee'), but one fellow singer-songwriter who is undoubtedly pleasantly surprised to be trending today with The Tortured Poets Department drop is YouTube star Charlie Puth.

Puth first rose to fame for his viral covers of famous songs that he posted to YouTube, eventually getting signed to a record label after performing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

He's enjoyed modest success as a recording artist and producer, his biggest hit being the single “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa that he was featured on, along with his anthem “One Call Away.”

Puth has also been known to throw shout-outs Taylor Swift's way during his concerts, frequently covering her songs on stage. He is known for a viral video in 2022, when he said of Swift, “Sidebar, this has nothing to do with anything, but Taylor Swift is the queen of these types of chords,” as he proceeded to play her “Tearsdrops on My Guitar” for his New York City concert goers.

Now, it seems Swift is returning the favor, on the eponymous track two of the new album, The Tortured Poets Department. As Swift sings about tender moments with a partner, she says “You smoked then ate seven bars of chocolate / We declared Charlie Puth should be a bigger artist.”

A ringing endorsement from Taylor Swift is about as big as it gets right now, though that didn't stop fans online from debating what it all meant.

One viral post on the subject read, “Charlie Puth, Underrated Legend. She knows. I know,” with numerous Swifties declaring their support for Swift's sentiment.

But others saw the glass as half-empty with the praise, with one commenter questioning, “Did she call Charlie Puth a flop.”

Fair enough, stating that someone should be a bigger star implies they haven't achieved a certain level of fame as is, but for the most part Swifties felt the reference was meant to put another artist on the map that Swift genuinely admired.

Now the only question is how Charlie Puth himself feels about the shout-out from pop music's biggest star of the moment. It's unclear how well Swift and Puth already know each other but they do share friend Selena Gomez in common.

Gomez is a well-known member of Swift's inner circle and she also appeared in Puth's 2016 single “We Don't Talk Anymore.” With them both being just one degree away from each other (ooh, sidebar: Six Degrees of Selena Gomez would be a great update on the party game), it's possible they're friends and Swift's reference is just one friend praising another.

But the internet is certainly excited about deciphering what Taylor Swift's Charlie Puth reference in The Tortured Poets Department track really means. Hopefully Charlie Puth will shed more light on the proceedings soon.