The discontent surrounding Mauricio Pochettino's managerial stint at Chelsea reached unexpected arenas as frustrated fans protested to the Cazoo Darts Masters. Despite a promising start to the season, Chelsea's recent 4-2 defeat against Wolves compounded the dissatisfaction among supporters, who displayed banners dubbing Pochettino a “clown.”

The unrest escalated when defender Thiago Silva's wife, Bella, added fuel to the fire by posting on Instagram, suggesting it was time for a change before it became too late. Pochettino's assurances that Chelsea wouldn't succumb to relegation did little to quell the fans' anxieties, especially as the team languished in 11th place despite a hefty £450 million spending spree on new signings last summer.

The dissatisfaction with Pochettino's performance extended beyond Stamford Bridge to the Cazoo Darts Masters in Milton Keynes. Instead of reveling in an anticipated victory over Wolves, Chelsea fans seized the opportunity to voice their grievances with banners proclaiming “Poch is a clown” during the televised darts event.

Amidst this turmoil, Englishman Stephen Bunting emerged as an unexpected hero, winning the tournament and securing his first-ever televised PDC title. Bunting's impressive victories, culminating in an 11-7 triumph over three-time world champion Michael van Gerwen, provided a silver lining for Chelsea supporters amidst the footballing woes.

Elated by his success, Bunting stated, “This just shows my hard work is paying off, and it's a great start to the season.” Pochettino may hope for a similar fortune, but he would likely prefer to avoid sharing Bunting's nickname, “The Bullet.”

As Chelsea strives to navigate this turbulent period, fans anxiously await whether Bunting's success will serve as a fortunate omen for the beleaguered Pochettino or if the stormy clouds will persist over Stamford Bridge.