Chiefs news: Andy Reid not happy with Tyreek Hill’s camera celebration
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Chiefs coach Andy Reid not happy with Tyreek Hill’s camera celebration

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Kansas City Chiefs star wide receiver Tyreek Hill had another big game on Sunday finishing with 117 yards and two touchdowns but coach Andy Reid still found a reason to be frustrated with him. After scoring one of the touchdowns Hill jumped into the stands and got ahold the CBS camera to film his teammates.

The players seemed to be enjoying their time after the touchdown but after the game, Reid made it clear he was frustrated with the celebration.

“He stepped over the fence and then took ahold of the camera, or stepped over the wall, and yes, that was too much,” Reid said via Arrowhead Pride. “I am all into the personality thing, but he was out of personality and out of character there.”

Hill was flagged for the use of the prop but after the game, he didn’t seem to have any regrets.

“Didn’t [Terrell Owens] or Chad Johnson do that?” Hill said via ESPN. “Didn’t one of those guys do that? That’s probably why I did it.

“I’ve got some good camera skills. I did my thing. I’m just showing love to my teammates. I feel like my teammates deserve it all.”

There is a chance that Hill could be flagged by the league for using the prop. Last week Michael Thomas was fined $30,000 for pulling the cell phone out of the goal post, and it will be interesting to see if he does receive a fine if he will get the same treatment as Thomas.

If he does get a fine maybe his thoughts will change about the celebration, but then again he makes enough money so maybe he won’t.