Some see former Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson as the most talented receiver to ever play the position. His career was short, but he was a six-time Pro Bowler and holds the NFL record for most receiving yards in a season. “Megatron” caught passes from Matthew Stafford for the majority of his career, and the two played well together. Stafford is a great quarterback in his own right, but he's no Patrick Mahomes. Johnson envies Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce because he gets to play with Mahomes.

Calvin Johnson appeared on the Scoop B Radio Podcast, hosted by Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson, on Thursday. He talked about the quarterbacks in today's NFL and was asked if he wonders how he would have meshed with any of the current star QBs. He had extra-high praise for Patrick Mahomes.

“Man! I mean, Mahomes is ridiculous. He’s going to get you the ball any which way. He might not be even looking at you and he’s going to get you the ball!” Johnson said.

“I already mentioned Jalen. Jalen, he’s a playmaker, and he’s going to get the ball to the guys to make plays for them. But just the playmaking ability of Mahomes, man… I mean, what else can you say? I envy Travis Kelce, I put it to you like that.”

The Lions drafted Johnson with the second pick in the 2007 NFL Draft. He wasn't a Pro Bowler until his fourth season, despite racking up 1,331 yards and leading the NFL with 12 touchdowns in 2008. He was a 3x First-Team All Pro selection and had seven 1,000 yard seasons in his nine-year career.

Johnson's stats don't measure up to the likes of Jerry Rice or Randy Moss, however, as he retired at the age of 30. Megatron's unreal physical dominance took a hard toll on his body. Johnson cites the physical wear and tear as the reason for his early retirement.

On the other hand, Travis Kelce has now played 10 NFL seasons with the Chiefs. In his prime, he has been the most productive tight end in NFL history, holding numerous yardage and reception records at the position. Kelce is a 7x All-Pro and a 2x Super Bowl champion. He and Mahomes have made up the NFL's best duo for the past five seasons.