When dynasties are discussed, there is no rest for the weary. After a hobbled Patrick Mahomes led the Kansas City Chiefs to another double-digit comeback victory in the Super Bowl, all of Twitter was buzzing, including Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins.

Hopkins has been considered a likely trade target since January. The fact that Arizona's franchise quarterback Kyler Murray is recovering from a torn ACL and meniscus only adds fuel to the rumor mill. He may have subtly hinted at his preferred destination on Monday.

It is easy for fans to overreact to what could just be one star praising another after a triumphant Super Bowl performance. What wide receiver doesn't salivate at the possibility of catching passes from Mahomes? Still, one has to wonder if Arrowhead Stadium could realistically be Hopkins' new home next season.

After trade rumors began to ramp up, the Chiefs were listed as the early betting favorites to land the future Hall of Famer, according to Cardinals reporter Bo Brack. Mahomes just guided the league's most potent offensive attack to a championship after losing Tyreek Hill. Travis Kelce is one of the best to ever play his position, but the Chiefs have proven they do not need a star receiver to win.

Hopkins is not just your average superstar player, though. He can make improbable catches seem routine with his hands and timing. He was named an All-Pro with journeyman Brian Hoyer as his quarterback. Even at 30 years old, there is no reason to doubt the damage he can do to a defense if added to Kansas City's roster. Patrick Mahomes would probably be interested in finding out.

For insight on the Chiefs' Super Bowl 57 win over the Eagles, listen below:

Hopkins is set to earn over $19 million in 2023-24, so there could certainly be hesitation from the organization. With so many great quarterbacks and formidable offenses in the AFC, though, the Chiefs might consider it necessary to make a big move in order to remain supreme in the league.

It could be a tough decision for the team to make, but dilemmas following a championship are usually the best ones.