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Chiefs safety Eric Berry opens up about his injuries and illnesses

Eric Berry

It’s been a tough road for Eric Berry in many respects. Not only has the stud Kansas City Chiefs safety successfully beaten Lymphoma, but he’s been forced to come back from several season-long injuries.

Berry tore his ACL in 2011 and also tore his Achilles in Week 1 of 2017, both of which destroyed his seasons. Now, he’s opening up about these battles in a way in which he “keeps on trucking,” via Brooke Pryor of The Kansas City Star.

“You really can’t wonder where you would be,” Berry said. “There’s no telling. Because I learned so much throughout all three of those processes — including this one — and I just keep growing. I can’t really tell you where I would be without them.”

More details to come. Please stay tuned.