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Former Chiefs tight end Demetrius Harris explains how Pat Mahomes and Baker Mayfield are similar


Tight End Demetrius Harris is going from one ultra-talented young quarterback to another.

Harris spent last season with the Kansas City Chiefs, enjoying Patrick Mahomes as his quarterback. Now he’s with the Cleveland Browns and gets to experience having Baker Mayfield at the helm.

In a Q and A with Zac Jackson of The Athletic, Harris spoke on the similarities of the two quarterbacks.

Jackson: You left a really good young quarterback in Kansas City and you have another really good young quarterback here. Do you see some similarities between Patrick Mahomes and Baker Mayfield?

Harris: “Most definitely. The competitiveness. Winning matters to Patrick, and I see the same in Baker. Just that will to win, from the very first (workout). They both have that drive and that confidence. Even though he was a young guy taking over last year, Pat just had so much confidence and guys respond to that. That’s how the team kept rolling because guys just believed. They followed his lead.

The tight end has the rare honor of playing with both quarterbacks this early in their careers. Therefore, he’s one of the few people who can give some real insight on the two as a true comparison.

Harris feels the competitiveness is something both have is spades. It makes sense: He knows winning matters for Mahomes and the confidence he has; Harris played with him for a full season. Although he hasn’t yet played any regular seasons with Mayfield, he has seen the drive and motivation. It’s also something you can spot on Mayfield from miles away. Confidence is also something oozing out of Mayfield.

Harris got to see firsthand how Mahomes was on game days and how the team was ready to follow him. Soon he’ll get that same chance with Mayfield. Maybe they’re even more alike than he realizes.