The saga between Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Isaiah Buggs and the Tuscaloosa Police Department continues. The former Alabama football star along with his agent already put out statements to clarify the animal abuse allegations. An arrest was still made despite this. Andy Reid's new acquisition in NFL Free Agency is now going to face the legal process in the coming months. Hopefully, it does not affect his performance on the field throughout the offseason.

Isaiah Buggs willingly surrendered himself to the Tuscaloosa Police Department. The Chiefs DE and former Alabama defensive star was later released with a $600 bond, per Adam Teicher of ESPN. His legal battle due to the animal cruelty charges will now start with a hearing on June 13. The big man still refused to comment on the situation and just left with his truck following the arrest.

The arrest and charges on Isaiah Buggs largely banks on what the Tuscaloosa Police saw on his front porch. They made an observation about how two dogs were left in his house without any access to food or water. Both of the animals apparently looked abandoned. The two also appeared like they had not eaten for quite some time in the place that the Chiefs' recent NFL Free Agency acquisition rented. One of the dogs, the pitbull, eventually had to be put down.

Chiefs DE gives their side of the story

Dec 24, 2023; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell reacts with defensive end Isaiah Buggs (96) before the game against the Minnesota Vikings at U.S. Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports
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However, things took a big turn when Isaiah Buggs' agent released a statement following the charges. There, he outlined that the former Alabama football DE only got laid out these charges because they were trying to revoke his hookah place's business license. The Chiefs big man's camp even went out to blast the Tuscaloosa Police Department for the cases filed against him. Furthermore, they even stressed that the dogs found in the area did not belong to Buggs.

“We believe the City of Tuscaloosa’s decision to file charges today is part of a concerted effort to besmirch Mr. Buggs’ name and reputation as part of an ongoing subversive campaign to force the close of his local business, Kings Hookah Lounge. These efforts are not new. Mr. Buggs was arrested at his business on misdemeanor charges on two separate occasions in the past two months, but each time no public record was made of these arrests,” Buggs' agent said.

They then added how this was a tactic to get the Chiefs player's business license.

“The City used the threat of pursuing and publicizing both the allegations filed today and these arrests as leverage against Mr. Buggs by offering to drop and not pursue them in exchange for his business license. Mr. Buggs declined the City’s offers,” they added.

Andy Reid and the Chiefs got him in NFL Free Agency to help support Chris Jones. The defense got stronger due to his veteran experience and his recent postseason success with Dan Campbell's Detroit Lions. While he has not geared up in Chiefs threads, he became the latest addition to the players on the roster who faced legal action in the past couple of months.