Big allegations and court battles are hard to deal with. Now, the Kansas City Chiefs have to fix quite a handful of them due to the involvement of some of their players. While departures are easy to stomach in the dynastic program led by Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid, there are some headaches that just keep coming for them. The latest person involved was their recently signed defensive lineman in NFL Free Agency, Isaiah Buggs.

Accusations came out about Isaiah Buggs mistreating his dogs. The Chiefs big man had apparently left two dogs who were described as malnourished, emaciated, and neglected in Tuscaloosa. Reports even suggested that the conditions of the animals were so unfortunate that they did not have any access to food or water. There were multiple efforts to reach the former Detroit Lions and Alabama football lineman. But, no responses came out of him. Due to that, he will be charged with misdemeanor criminal charges.

Chiefs DL's camp lashes back

Detroit Lions defensive end Isaiah Buggs (96) walks off the field after recovering the fumble from Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson (3) during the first half at Ford Field in Detroit on Saturday, Dec. 16, 2023.

When the news broke about Isaiah Buggs' alleged cruelty to the dogs, his agent immediately released a statement. They even went on to blast the police department that filed charges against Andy Reid's mentee, via Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network.

“Isaiah vehemently denies the truthfulness of the allegations and charges asserted against him today. Under no circumstances does Mr. Buggs condone the mistreatment of any animal. The dogs at issue did not belong to him. He was unaware they remained at the property in question,” the Chiefs DL's agent wrote.

They also outlined why this move could have been made to make Buggs shut down his hookah lounge operations.

“Furthermore, we believe the City of Tuscaloosa’s decision to file charges today is part of a concerted effort to besmirch Mr. Buggs’ name and reputation as part of an ongoing subversive campaign to force the close of his local business, Kings Hookah Lounge. These efforts are not new as Mr. Buggs was arrested at his business on misdemeanor charges on two separate occasions in the past two months, but each time no public record was made of these arrests,” he added.

A hidden motive behind the accusations against Isaiah Buggs?

Apparently, all of this was allegedly done such that Patrick Mahomes' teammate would give up their business license. This was in exchange for not having cases filed against him.

“The City used the threat of pursuing and publicizing both the allegations filed today and these arrests as leverage against Mr. Buggs by offering to drop and not pursue them in exchange for his business license. Mr. Buggs declined the City’s offers. He has serious concerns about the City’s and Police Department’s motivation for deciding to target his business, which he plans to bring to light as part of his defense of the allegations and charges filed against him and his reputation and business,” Buggs' camp concluded.

Only the court and time will tell whether or not any of these statements hold up. In the meantime, Buggs might want to get ready for the season. The Chiefs are looking to win three Super Bowls in a row. After all, that is the reason why the Patrick Mahomes-led squad got him during NFL Free Agency.