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Chiefs make history amid dominant run as AFC West champions

Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid, Tyreek Hill

After a convincing win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Kansas City Chiefs are sitting at 11-4 on the season, their eighth straight win. The Chiefs are the champions of the AFC West this season. This sentence has been said for six straight years.

The Chiefs’ six consecutive division wins are a record for the AFC West. The streak is also the longest active division title run in the NFL.

The Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders have each had runs of winning the division five straight times. The Broncos’ run lasted from 2011 to 2015, and the Chiefs’ division title in 2010 prevented them from making it six consecutive division titles in Denver.

Andy Reid has been the head coach for each of the Chiefs’ division titles. Alex Smith led the offense for the first two years before turning it over to Patrick Mahomes, who helped lead the team to the Super Bowl.

Kansas City got off to a rough start this season, sitting at 3-4 with a catastrophically bad defense. Since then, the defense has dramatically improved and the offense has continued to excel. The Chiefs, led by Mahomes and five other Pro Bowlers, are back to looking like the dominant team they have shown over the last three seasons.

As the Chiefs begin to prepare for the playoffs, keeping an eye on Tyrann Mathieu’s status will be important. Kansas City’s Pro Bowl safety injured his quad during the win.