Just over four months after they topped the San Francisco 49ers to win Super Bowl 58, the Kansas City Chiefs received their Super Bowl rings on Thursday – and they look amazing.

The Chiefs made more than 400 rings to distribute for this championship, their second straight and third in the past five years. Each one contains 529 diamonds, 38 rubies and 14.8 carats worth of gems, according to the rings' maker, Jostens.

Chiefs fans are reacting to the jewelry.

Rideshare L – “Holy s*** it has an operable lid with the secret play call underneath”

voice of pakistan – “Tomy and Jerry 02 11 2024”

Swiftie wins – “this ring is insane. the detail that goes into championship rings like this is just.. so amazing”

Casey Adkins – “Tom and Jerry being on the inside of the ring was a nice touch.”

Jon Do – “cant wait to see the Refs wearing their super bowl rings! They look nice”

ChiefsJayhawksRoyals – “Poverty Bengals and Bills fans are googling what these are”

StrongMouse – “beautiful, same time next year?”

Of course, “Tom and Jerry” is the Chiefs' name for the play on which they scored the touchdown in overtime that allowed them to beat the 49ers 25-22. The play, on which Mahomes threw a 3-yard scoring pass to Mecole Hardman, is diagrammed on the ring in coach Andy Reid's writing.

Chiefs looking for a third straight Super Bowl win

Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones (95) addresses the crowd on stage with quarterback Patrick Mahomes (15) during the celebration of the Kansas City Chiefs winning Super Bowl LVIII
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Patrick Mahomes and company accomplished a feat this February that the NFL hadn’t seen in two decades by winning back-to-back Super Bowls. That hadn't been done since a young Tom Brady led the Patriots to Super Bowl victories in 39 and 40 – building a dynasty in the process.

Now, as the celebration rages on in Kansas City, one question looms with historic implications. Once the party is over and the team gets back to work, can the Chiefs three-peat? No NFL team has ever won three straight, so Andy Reid’s squad is chasing history on the road to Super Bowl 59.

As long as the Chiefs have Patrick Mahomes under center, they will be a legitimate threat to compete for Super Bowl championships. There is little doubt anymore that Mahomes is the best quarterback in the NFL, and with each Super Bowl ring that he adds to his collection, it becomes clearer and clearer that we are witnessing a once-in-a-lifetime athlete who might go down as the greatest quarterback to ever play the game.

But it's not just Mahomes. Experience is currency in the NFL, and it is extremely difficult for young players to be key contributors on teams that win championships. Everything about the game changes when you are playing on the biggest stage under the brightest lights. Every move is critiqued, and many inexperienced players can fold under that pressure. It can make you overthink and cause you to stop doing the little things that got you to where you are.

Kansas City's young players have gained invaluable experience throughout this postseason run, and this experience will serve them well as they gun for a third straight championship.

The Chiefs kick off their season on Thursday, Sept. 5 against the Baltimore Ravens.