After a long and stressful season, the Kansas City Chiefs are putting their feet up and relaxing. They completed a successful title defense, and their players are now relaxing. Patrick Mahomes, for example, visited the Dallas Mavericks' home game against the Denver Nuggets.

During the game, Patrick Mahomes and Mavs star Luka Doncic met up and exchanged pleasantries. In addition, the Chiefs star gave Doncic a signed jersey as a gift. Ain't that awesome! (video via ClutchPoints)

The Chiefs are enjoying a much-needed break after the 2023 season. A year after winning the Super Bowl, Mahomes and Kansas City faced a lot of struggles during the 2023 campaign. Between inconsistent performances and general struggles, many doubted the Chiefs' ability to win it all, let alone make a deep playoff run.

Once the playoffs started, though, the Chiefs made sure to remind fans how good they are. Playing as the underdog for most of their run, Kansas City did everything just right, all the way to the Super Bowl. As a result, Mahomes was able to win his third championship ring.

In a lot of ways, Mahomes and Luka Doncic are similar. Both are young players brimming with potential that are the hubs of their respective team's offenses. Of course, Doncic isn't as decorated as Mahomes yet: the Mavs star is yet to earn a ring, while the Chiefs star has three. However, both are also talented players that have a knack for creativity and being clutch in high-pressure moments.

The Chiefs star got a good taste of the magic the Mavs are cooking during their game against the Nuggets. Denver held control for most of the game, but the Mavs were able to keep it close. At the end, it was Kyrie who clinched the win for the Mavs with an insane lefty shot from the free-throw line. Mahomes was flabbergasted, but was nonetheless hyped.

With the offseason in full swing, the Chiefs are looking to do what is deemed nearly impossible in the NFL: a three-peat. Can Mahomes add to his growing legacy and win three Super Bowls in a row?