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Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes hilariously roasts Tyreek Hill amid ‘quarterback controversy’

Tyreek Hill, Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs

The first week of training camp has just wrapped up, but it seems like there is some new “competition” for Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

During practice, star wide receiver Tyreek Hill pulled up and decided to flex some of his throwing abilities:

Hill threw a nice, tight spiral that was accurately thrown to the net. That’s where the “controversy” began.

But of course, in later footage, it seems like Hill lost some of his whimsical throwing abilities during another throw. Talk about a bad throw:

Nonetheless, Hill’s throwing session led to Baltimore Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey calling for Hill to start as QB:

On Twitter, the speedy Chiefs wide receiver shared this image that shows Mahomes looking totally worried:

Here is Mahomes’ official response:

Even superstar tight end Travis Kelce had a good laugh about the competition:

While it may seem like Hill has the arm of a god, it is without question that Mahomes will be the starter for the Chiefs. However, don’t be surprised if Hill takes on some snaps at QB this season. If Julian Edelman, Mohamad Sanu and Jarvis Landry can launch the ball deep, then the speedster can definitely do it. It’s just a matter of how head coach Andy Reid would design such an amazing play.

After seeing a former QB in Kelce throw the ball to Mahomes in the regular season, Hill may be the next player to try to give Mahomes his first receiving touchdown. Once that happens, then maybe he can get to start for one week.