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Patrick Mahomes not thrilled with status of NFL-NFLPA talks

Patrick Mahomes NFLPA

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is flexing his new found muscles around the league.

After signing a new 10-year contract which could end up being worth $500 million by the end, the 2019 Super Bowl MVP is using his new influence to speak out. The star QB voiced his frustrations about the continuing collective bargaining agreement talks between the players association and the owners. As the scheduled season start is just around the corner, the league does not look set with regards to the safety protocols for the 2020 season due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Responding to Tom Pelissero, Mahomes was very direct on his criticism of the lack of talks.

Stuff is crazy man. All this time we had and now we are down to this….

Mahomes was referring to the fact that, unless a plan is made, both the Chiefs and Texans will be required to report to training camp on Monday.

So the clock is now ticking: If the NFL and NFLPA don’t have an agreement on testing and other health and safety protocols before Monday, #Chiefs and #Texans players will be required to report or face discipline, setting the stage for a potential grievance. Talks remain ongoing.

Mahomes’ frustration is understandable. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the NFL’s position has continued to be the same; try to stay the course as much as possible.

As time continues to run out, however, the NFL owners and commissioner Roger Goodell need to realize that this season will not be normal. The league has to sit down with the players to finalize their overall plans and protocols in place to ensure the safety of players and personnel. No ifs or buts about it.

This comes as greater significance now after an NFLPA database revealed that 72 players have tested positive. With that information in mind, players are understandably uneasy of the prospect of playing without very direct plans in place. Time continues to tick with no indication of movement.

Perhaps Patrick Mahomes, with his newfound power, can be the one to get a deal done.