Chiefs news: Sammy Watkins backs up Patrick Mahomes' 'dynasty' claims
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Chiefs receiver Sammy Watkins backs up Patrick Mahomes’ ‘dynasty’ claims

Chiefs, Sammy Watkins, Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes is $503 million richer and the 24-year-old quarterback believes the Kansas City Chiefs can be the next dynasty in the NFL. Despite Stephen A. Smith refuting the notion on ESPN’s Get Up, Sammy Watkins backed up Mahomes’ “dynasty” claims.

During the discussion, it’s evident that Smith believes the Chiefs are going to fall short of their goal of being a dynasty. On the other hand, Watkins is supremely confident in Mahomes’ ability to lead Kansas City to the promised land. Said Watkins,

“And he’s gonna be the man for the next 10 to 15 years, that’s what we’re debating. We’re going to have a dynasty … If the Kansas City Chiefs can keep all the players together, we’re going to be a dynasty.”

Following the team’s first Super Bowl victory since 1969, the Chiefs were able to retain 20 of their 22 starters from 2019. However, keeping ahold of their players could become more of a challenge once Mahomes’ new extension kicks in.

With that being said, the hope for Kansas City is that the salary cap continues to increase, giving them more wiggle room to build a competitive roster. Seeing that the offense is oozing with talent, Watkins believes the Chiefs just need a serviceable defense to be a dynasty. He continued,

“We need a top 10 defense, we don’t need an outstanding defense, we need a top 10 defense that’s gonna make plays and go out there and compete. But when you got Patrick Mahomes and the things around and the ability that he has around him, he’s going to be great.”

We’ve seen the New England Patriots boast the most dominant dynasty in sports history over the past two decades. But with Tom Brady no longer manning the ship in New England, Watkins and Mahomes believe the Chiefs can be the next to hold that title.