Chiefs news: Travis Kelce is obsessed with Andy Reid's shoes
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Chiefs TE Travis Kelce is obsessed with Andy Reid’s shoes

Travis Kelce, Andy Reid, Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs boss Andy Reid has established himself as one of the NFL’s best coaches, and he hasn’t done it just by cooking up innovative offensive schemes. He’s also great at connecting with his players, as evidenced by recent comments from star tight end Travis Kelce.

Per Nate Taylor of The Athletic, Kelce took notice of Reid’s style change last season when he started wearing Nike Air Force 1s.

“Me being a vintage guy, I always appreciate it when I see somebody rocking ’em,” Kelce said. “It’s just cool seeing Big Red out there dropping the Forces. It gives a little swagger to him.”

Kelce clearly pays close attention to what his head coach is wearing, as he broke down Reid’s shoe-game in precise detail for Taylor.

“He used to have A.W.R., which are his initials, on the back,” Kelce explained. “He switched them this year to just having A.R. on them. On game day, it’s always all black, and for practice he’s got the white-and-red (swoosh) ones on. I don’t know what his love is for them. But hey, for the big guy, I’m sure they run right in his size.”

Kelce describes himself as a “sneakerhead,” and as Taylor points out, started his own lifestyle brand ‘Tru Kolors’ this offseason.

Reid’s look has become iconic, with his patented mustache and eyeglasses. He almost never wears pants at practice even when it’s freezing cold, and has become notorious for his Hawaiian shirts.

The Chiefs got off to a great start in Week 1, pummeling the Jaguars on the road. For all the coaches who try to emulate Reid’s offensive tendencies, maybe they’ll have better luck studying his footwear.