The NFL has instituted a new policy to eliminate taunting from players. During the first week of the preseason, there was one blatant call, and it didn't go over well, unsurprisingly. Well, Kansas City Chiefs defensive star Tyrann Mathieu didn't hold back one bit and gave his honest feedback to John Mara of the New York Giants organization.

Mara said that they are “sick and tired of the talking,” hence the reason for the NFL putting into place the new policy. One of the more notable examples was in the Super Bowl, as Chiefs receiver and Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie Antoine Winfield Jr. were involved in the infamous incident. 

Mara is part of the Competition Committee, and opened up on the decision, according to Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk. 

“That’s something we discuss every year in the Competition Committee…We get kind of sick and tired of the talking that does go on from time to time on the field. We tried to balance the sportsmanship with allowing the players to have fun and there’s always a fine line there.”

But, the rule change has not gone over well, at least from the majority of fans and players across the league, with some even bringing back the nickname of the “No Fun League.” The Chiefs star is just one player to express his frustration, and one has to imagine the NFL taking back the rule, although probably not this season.