Chiefs video: Damien Williams breaks away for 38-yard TD to clinch Super Bowl win
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Chiefs’ Damien Williams breaks away for 38-yard TD to clinch Super Bowl win

Damien Williams, Super Bowl, Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs decided to put a cap on their comeback victory over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 54. Damien Williams sealed the win.

Kansas City was down 20-10 heading into the fourth quarter. However, they started a comeback, scoring a touchdown with just over six minutes left in the Super Bowl. That cut the deficit down to 20-17.

After a quick defensive stop, the Chiefs scored again, this time with 2:44 left. That gave them a 24-20 lead.

The defense came up big and Kansas City got the ball back with almost no time left. They could have whittled the clock away and possibly ended the Super Bowl by keeping the ball. However, the 49ers did still have all three timeouts, so the Chiefs needed a little something to happen.

Running back Damien Williams decided he would do that “little something” by breaking off a 38-yard touchdown run.

That run clinched the game with that run. It made the score 31-20 with well under two minutes to go.

The 49ers ended up not scoring, and Kansas City was able to run the clock out and celebrate a victory.

This was the second Super Bowl victory in the history of the Chiefs organization. They did so thanks to a great team effort, and the big game from Williams cannot be overlooked. It certainly won’t be thanks to that impressive run to clinch the win. You might even say, he was the unsung hero.

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