Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes connected with wide receiver Tyreek Hill on a 75-yard touchdown bomb midway through the opening quarter against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

In accruing his 28th touchdown pass of the season, as well as passing the 3,000 yard mark for the year, Mahomes demonstrated what makes the Kansas City offense so lethal.

As former Dallas Cowboys quarterback turned color commentator Tony Romo pointed out on the broadcast, following Hill creating separation with Tampa Bay secondary on the right side of the field, the Chiefs passer expertly kept his gaze towards the left, freezing the defense and preventing help from rotating towards the streaking receiver. With the delay in the defensive rotation, the Bucs had no chance to prevent Mahomes' dime from being reeled in by the All-Pro wideout, and giving Kansas City a 10-point lead.

In sprinting out to the early advantage, the Chiefs have reversed what has been a season long trend of facing early deficits. While the team has been successful in storming back in the second half to secure the victory, going 9-1 on the season thus far, the habit of falling behind had raised concerns among observers about the team's ability to repeat as Super Bowl champions.

For one week at least, that doesn't appear to be the case, as the Chiefs have added another touchdown to increase their lead to 17-0 entering the second quarter.