Chiefs video: Travis Kelce hilariously chugs beer off Lombardi Trophy
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Video: Chiefs’ Travis Kelce hilariously chugs beer off Lombardi Trophy

Travis Kelce, Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl on Sunday. Of course, the party is still going very strong for them.

That includes superstar tight end Travis Kelce. Kelce is already known as a little wild, and he definitely likes to have fun. So it comes as no surprise to anyone that the tight end is having his fun with the championship.

By “having his fun” of course we’re talking about the “Lombardi Luge”. What else could we be talking about?

That’s right, Kelce is chugging beers as they pour down the Lombardi Trophy. It might not be the most efficient way to drink an adult beverage, but it’s certainly a luxurious one.

It remains to be seen if any of his teammates have joined him on this venture. Maybe Kelce can turn it into a thing a lot of his team tries.

Certainly after this year, a lot of other players will be trying this in the future. Who knows, Kelce might get a few more chances over the years to perfect the Lombardi Luge.

For now though, it’s just clear that Kelce and the Chiefs are having some fun. And they definitely deserve it after that incredible Super Bowl.

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