Clippers news: Blake Griffin made a famous friend to help with his comedy
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Blake Griffin befriended ‘Chapelle’s Show’ co-creator to improve his comedy

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Blake Griffin can electrify people with his array of spectacular dunks, but he also aspires to impress people with his humor. Perhaps not a lot of people know that Griffin sometimes dabbles with comedy, as he’s done a few stand-up acts before.

Griffin’s material may not be as good as that of, say, Louis C.K. or Bill Burr, but he’s constantly trying to improve the quality of his jokes. In fact, he even made friends with one of the creators of the hit comedy show “Chapelle’s Show” in order to get help in polishing his schtick, per Lee Jenkins of Sports Illustrated.

Once he moved to L.A., he befriended Neal Brennan, co–creator of Chappelle’s Show, who taught him how to construct jokes. Brennan would email Griffin a rough draft of a bit—the first one involved Jon Hamm and Sesame Street—with instructions to “punch it up.” Griffin would sit over the computer at his home in Manhattan Beach, as hopeless as Brennan in the low post.

As much as Blake Griffin would like his comedy career to reach a higher level, he would probably prefer being a great basketball player in the meantime. The Clippers are just 5-5 through the first 10 games of the season, which Griffin certainly doesn’t find funny.

In the future, however, we’d like to see Griffin have a show of his own, and if not, at least a comedy album.