Clippers news: Doc Rivers liked and didn't mind Patrick Beverley ejection with Warriors' Kevin Durant
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Clippers’ Doc Rivers liked and didn’t mind Patrick Beverley ejection with Warriors’ Kevin Durant

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Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers didn’t think there was anything serious or malicious about the exchange between point guard Patrick Beverley and Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant that led to the two being ejected late in the fourth quarter.

The incident occurred with the game virtually out of hand in the defending champions favor, as Beverley was trying to dribble the ball across the halfcourt line and momentarily lost control, Durant quickly went for the steal but inadvertently sent the Clippers guard out of bounds as his momentum carried him forward. Durant followed it up by walking towards the fallen Beverley and appeared to utter some choice words which an NBA official had to break up.

Rivers’ statements don’t seem to be downplaying anything because prior to the ejection, the two players were engaged in several animated exchanges and physical play that they appear to be enjoying and having fun with. But at the same time, the last sequence may have been the turning point with Beverley angrily confronting Durant.

Obviously, no suspensions have been levied on either player and given how Beverley is the Clippers best perimeter defender (and undersized pests have been shown to be effective against Durant in the past), expect to see Rivers to plug in the 6-foot-3 pitbull on the Warriors small forward on Game 2, and in doing so spark some more fireworks which officials would be closely monitoring like a hawk.