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Doc Rivers rips Donald Trump over voter suppression

Donald Trump, Doc Rivers, Clippers, USPS

As Doc Rivers and the LA Clippers prepare for their first round playoff matchup against the Dallas Mavericks, they’re also keeping an eye on what’s been going on in the world outside of their bubble. At the moment, it’s Donald Trump and his attempt to suppress voting for the upcoming presidential election.

On Thursday, Trump admitted in an interview that he’s refusing to fund the USPS because that would mean more votes by mail. The President, seemingly deathly afraid of the impending outcome this November, is trying to prevent more votes coming in by mail, claiming they’ll be ‘fraudulent.’ The Clippers head coach sees right through Donald Trump’s antics.

“It’s funny, I’ve been sending mail out vote all my life and it’s never been a problem,” Doc Rivers said while shaking his head. “And now all of a sudden, it’s a problem.

“Voter suppression is happening, right? This is not new, voter suppression has been happening my entire life. And it’s been done by the same people to the same people. Now you add the youth in. It used to be black and brown, now it’s black, brown, and young. So on one end, we have voter suppression, and then on the there end, we all of a sudden have this mail problem which has never been a problem.

“You know there are four states that do mail-in only voting, and they’ve done it for years, and they’ve had no problems. So it’s something that someone, and I’m just gonna say it that way, wants us to believe that’s not there.”

In the last couple of months, Doc Rivers has preached the importance of voting. He’s gotten even more outspoken after seeing the failed response to the coronavirus pandemic from Donald Trump and the White House, among other things. During his time inside the bubble, Rivers has often donned a Clippers hat that says ‘VOTE’ in all caps.

The Clippers have one more seeding game on Friday night against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Although it’s relatively meaningless in terms of the standings and seedings, it’ll be important for the Clippers to get Montrezl Harrell on the court for the first time in months.