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Clippers coach Doc Rivers says Patrick Beverley is one of few players who can walk the talk

Doc Rivers, Patrick Beverley, Clippers

Patrick Beverley is one of the most intense defensive players in the league. The veteran guard is the one usually assigned to defend the best players from the opposing teams. But aside from his aggression on defense, he’s also built a reputation for being a trash talker who can easily get under anyone’s skin just by his words.

Beverley is having some choice words for some of the LA Clippers’ opponents recently. He publicly stated that the Clips, not the Lakers, are the best team in Los Angeles. He also talked smack to Oklahoma City Thunder’s Paul George after his LA team beat them a couple of days ago.

Clippers head coach Doc Rivers knows that Beverley can sometimes talk too much, but he’s perfectly fine with it, because according to him, Beverley usually backs his words with actions.

Doc Rivers has a point.

When the Clippers faced the Lakers last week, they beat them 113-105. Patrick Beverley was also able to shut down George when they beat OKC, so he’s definitely proud about what the team has recently accomplished.

However, the Clippers will be heading into the playoffs most likely as the seventh or eighth seed, and Beverley needs to be careful with what he will say moving forward. Teams are expected to take their game to the next level, and if Pat continues to talk trash, it could backfire, especially if he can’t back it up in the playoffs.

No one’s going to expect Beverley to change though. Trash talking has already been a part of his game, his identity as a player. If he plays well by doing that and if it helps the team, then so be it.