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Clippers coach Doc Rivers speaks out on Marcus Morris’ ejection after hard foul on Luka Doncic

Marcus Morris, Doc Rivers, Clippers

Los Angeles Clippers forward Marcus Morris was ejected from Sunday afternoon’s Game 6 matchup with the Dallas Mavericks after a hard foul on Luka Doncic.

Morris appeared to swing hard at Doncic’s shooting hand as he went up for a layup, making contact with Luka’s head as he crashed to the floor.

The veteran was assessed a flagrant 2 and thrown out of the game, but Clippers head coach Doc Rivers feels Morris was tossed because of his reputation.

Rivers said he felt Morris was making a play on the ball, and the follow-through looked worse than it was as it relates to a basketball play.

Whether Morris was truly making a play on the ball is up for debate. But even if it were a basketball play, Morris made it look worse by staring down at Doncic after he fell to the floor.

Not to mention, the two players have a history in this Clippers-Mavs series.

Morris appeared to intentionally step on Doncic’s previously injured left ankle during Game 5 of the series, prompting discussions labeling Morris a dirty player.

The 30-year-old vehemently disputed this notion, taking to Twitter to explain the respect he has for the game of basketball:

“I play this game with a level of respect for myself and other players,” the Clippers forward said. “To think I would try to injure somebody is crazy to me. 10 years going against the best. I stand on morals and hard work. I compete and leave it out there every game.”

Of course, there are likely to be plenty of skeptics regarding the “level of respect” Marcus Morris truly has following Sunday’s events. However, Rivers is standing up for his vet, suggesting Morris was indeed trying to make a basketball play for the Clippers and nothing else.