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ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne reveals 30 for 30 on Clippers and Donald Sterling

Ramona Shelburne, Donald Sterling

NBA insider Ramona Shelburne recently revealed that ESPN will be featuring Donald Sterling and the Los Angeles Clippers in one of its famed 30 for 30 episodes.

According to Shelburne, the documentary film is already well on its way, and that viewers should expect its release within the next couple of weeks.

This is definitely going to be an interesting episode, as ESPN takes on one of the most controversial figures in the NBA’s history. Sterling, a long-time owner of the Clippers before he was unceremoniously ousted from his post some five years ago, is the main antagonist in what is easily one of the most contentious narratives in recent memory.

In 2014, a voice recording of Sterling was made public, wherein the billionaire made several racially-charged comments. This sent not only the entire league but also all of America in an uproar, as Sterling’s camp would eventually sell the Clippers to new owner Steve Ballmer for $2 billion.

ESPN’s 30 for 30 series has been nothing short of amazing, and surely, they will do justice to this Hollywood-like tale.

Fortunately for the Clippers, their fate has turned with the arrival of Ballmer. This summer has been a historic offseason for LA, and the acquisition of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George absolutely takes them to new heights. The Clippers have undoubtedly had their dark days, and no one can say that they do not deserve their time in the sun, and the forecast for the coming season is definitely bright and sunny.