John Wall may no longer be the superstar that he once was, but there's no denying that he's been an important piece for the Los Angeles Clippers rotation this season. His is a great story of resurgence now that he's back on the court playing again, especially considering how much adversity Wall had to go through over the past few years.

In a recent interview with the press, Wall revealed the harsh reality of almost being “pushed out” of the league last season. It was a tough time for the five-time All-Star as he was unable to find a common ground with the Houston Rockets. He ended up sitting out the entire year before finally being able to find a new team in the Clippers this past summer.

According to Wall, the bitter truth is that much like other former stars, he too could no longer be in the NBA right now if the cards didn't fall in his favor (h/t ClutchPoints on Twitter):

“I think it's kind of frustrating for a lot of great veterans we have in this league because a lot of those guys are getting pushed out,” Wall said. “I feel like I was on the edge of kinda getting pushed out myself. If I wasn't a true professional last year and the Clippers didn't give me a chance, I don't know if I'd probably been here right now.

“We have so many great guys that can be like (Carmelo Anthony), Dwight [Howard], … even Kemba Walker. … You need veteran guys to help these young teams out as much as possible.”

Wall clearly believes that guys like Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, Kemba Walker, and himself, of course, can still provide a lot of value for NBA teams. Their veteran presence is what makes them stand out, and as Wall said, teams from around the league need these types of players to help them succeed.