Clippers news: Landry Shamet reacts to Bill Simmons' tweet on his Team USA withdrawal
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Clippers’ Landry Shamet reacts to Bill Simmons’ tweet on Team USA withdrawal

Landry Shamet, Bill Simmons, Clippers

Los Angeles Clippers guard Landry Shamet has responded to Bill Simmons’ tweet on his withdrawal from Team USA before the FIBA World Cup.

Via Twitter, Landry Shamet asked Bill Simmons to chill out and noted that his health comes first. This is the main reason why the guard pulled out from Team USA.

Simmons’ tweet was a subtle jab to the guard for the Clippers. Landry Shamet is just one among the many NBA players who have declined an invite from Team USA for the FIBA World Cup. Simmons’ tweet turned personal, knocking Shamet’s young career.

Fortunately, Landry Shamet responded with a bit of class to Bill Simmons.

There is no clear reason as to why NBA players have declined to participate. The common reason has always been the upcoming NBA season and that they have to prepare for it. For the Clippers, who are entering their biggest season ever, the notion of preparing for the NBA seems more than reasonable.

As of writing, the latest players who have withdrawn are Julius Randle, Zion Williamson, Kevin Love, Damian Lillard, DeMar DeRozan, Bradley Beal, and Tobias Harris.

Here are the players who have committed to the Team USA training camp: Jaylen Brown, Mason Plumlee, Marcus Smart, Thaddeus Young, Harrison Barnes, Kyle Kuzma, Brook Lopez, Kyle Lowry, Khris Middleton, Donovan Mitchell, Jayson Tatum, P.J. Tucker, Myles Turner, Kemba Walker, Bam Adebayo.

Can Team USA still take the gold in the FIBA World Cup in China? That question will be answered in a month and a half.

Meanwhile, the Clippers know that Landry Shamet won’t get injured in that tournament.