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Lou Williams — ‘I don’t know if there’s a way to tell Pat Beverley to chill out’

Clippers, Lou Williams, Patrick Beverley

Last season, the Los Angeles Clippers have earned the reputation of being a team who plays hard on both ends of the floor. It didn’t matter to them if they’re up against a contender like the Golden State Warriors or a cellar-dweller like the New York Knicks. They have played with intensity on a nightly basis, and one of the main anchors of their identity is veteran point guard Patrick Beverley.

Beverley loves to do the dirty work for the Clippers. Aside from his tenacious defense, he also loves to get under the skin of their opponents. He talks trash, gets physical, and he never backs down from any confrontation. Some fans are saying that he should chill out, but backcourt partner Lou Williams isn’t sure if anyone can tell Bev that.

Of course, Beverley will definitely find ways to contain his emotions, especially now that the team is gunning for a championship. He knows that he’s an important part of the team’s core, so he’ll definitely be careful with his actions.

However, Beverley will not change the way he plays and acts on the court. It is who he is. He’s given that identity to the Clippers, and his passion for the game will definitely be one of their driving force as they begin their quest for their first-ever championship.

While all eyes will definitely be on Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, no one can deny the fact that the Clippers’ supporting cast is solid with guys like Beverley and Williams. On paper, it’s hard to imagine any team who can beat this team in a seven-game series.

Then again, just like everybody else, everyone on the roster will need to adjust in order to compliment each other. Beverley is not an exemption.