Clippers news: Paul George says LA is different than any other team he's been on
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Paul George says Clippers is different than any other team he’s been on

Paul George, Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers has been the third NBA team in Paul George’s career, so he’s gotten around quite a bit. Given his experience, he’s built an idea on his mind when it comes to how good franchises operate.

While he hasn’t been with the Clippers for a long time, he’s gone ahead and said that LA is one of the most unique teams he’s ever been a part of. He thinks that the Clips have a good chance to succeed due to this fact.

ClutchPoints’ Tomer Azarly shared the footage of the interview PG had before the game. He talked about his experience with the Clippers so far:

He said that the previous teams he’s been in–the Indiana Pacers and Oklahoma City Thunder–were all good teams but lacked something that could take the team to the championship. A quick review of those teams during the time he was there proves that he was right all along.

The Pacers had a good core of players surrounding George, but LeBron James became a thorn on their quest for a ring. Danny Granger, who was supposed to be his running mate, quickly declined after an injury.

When he was moved to the Oklahoma City Thunder, he became the team’s star in his two years there. However, Russell Westbrook was not the perfect teammate, and they were the only people who were doing anything relevant for the Thunder on offense.

When the Clippers traded for him and got Kawhi Leonard, they already have a strong team that took the Golden State Warriors to the limit during the playoffs. Kawhi Leonard is a strong teammate who doesn’t need the ball with him always. Doc Rivers is a fantastic coach with championship experience.

The Clippers definitely have everything they need to succeed. All they need to do now is win every game and win the championship in June.