Russell Westbrook is not one to let disrespect from fans get past him even while he's in the middle of performing his job as an NBA player. The Los Angeles Clippers star point guard had another feisty episode with a fan Monday night when he got into it with someone seated on the courtside seats late in regulation of a home game against the Denver Nuggets.

Following the game, Russell Westbrook made his stance extremely clear on disrespectful fans.

“It's just unfortunate fans think they can get away with saying anything and personally, I won't allow it,” Westbrook told reporters after the Clippers suffered a 113-104 loss to the reigning NBA champs, per Mark Medina of Sportskeeda.

That was not the first time Westbrook had a verbal spat with a fan while in the middle of a game. He had such altercations with fans back during his stints with the Washington Wizards and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Westbrook isn't just taking a no-nonsense approach when he's attacking the basket, but in real life as well, and he showed that again when he let the said fan hear it from him. For Westbrook, there should be boundaries when it comes to what fans should and shouldn't say to players.

“I understand fans are enjoying the game and feeling up to whatever that may be,” Westbrook added. “I guess they feel they can kind of say whatever, but this is our job, all the negative comments about family and things of that nature, I would kind of stay away from. But anything else, they can kind of say what they want.”

Westbrook finished with 14 points, 11 rebounds, and three assists in the Clippers' loss to Denver.