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Scottie Pippen says Clippers ‘won big’ with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George acquisitions

Scottie Pippen

Former NBA swingman and Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen has become pretty outspoken over the years while most notably signing on with ESPN as an analyst a few years back.

Recently discussing the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers with Slam Online due to each team’s incredibly successful offseason, Pippen was quick to admit that the typically lowly Clippers may have the upper hand as it stands today.

“Who I think won big? Kawhi, the Clippers [and] Paul George,” Pippen told Slam Online. “Lakers did good, but I would give the edge to the Clippers.”

Pippen also didn’t mince his words when asked who the better team was — the Lakers or Clippers.

“I would probably say the Clippers just because of where they were last year and the players that they have,” he said, Slam Online. “They already have the confidence and feel like last year they dominated the Lakers. Now, you give them the Finals MVP [Kawhi Leonard] and one of the top defenders in the game in Paul George. That sends their confidence up through the roof. With the Lakers, I don’t think a guy going into his 17th season can really carry a team the way he needs to carry [it].”

While it remains to be seen who the better team turns out to be, both the Lakers and Clippers are sure to find themselves toward the top of the Western Conference standings come next season.

There is no doubt that this rivalry has officially been taken to a new level.