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Steve Ballmer reveals Clippers’ new secret weapon being built into Intuit Dome

Steve Ballmer, Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers won’t move into their new arena in Inglewood until 2024-25, but fans certainly have something to look forward to that will be very unique from other teams around the NBA. Owner Steve Ballmer revealed on Friday that LA is set to have a specific area at the Intuit Dome called “The Wall”, which is going to be an uninterrupted portion of seating for 51 rows of fans.

Via Tim Reynolds:

Clippers owner Steve Ballmer updated people today on the building of Intuit Dome … and The Wall – 51 uninterrupted rows of seats along a baseline, built to be LOUDDDDDDD – is going to be one of the coolest features in the league when this thing is done.

Awesome concept by Steve Ballmer. Essentially, he’s trying to replicate a student section from a college basketball game where the fans have an entire area to themselves to go absolutely nuts. No team in the league has a section of their arena like this right now.

The Clippers could be hanging a championship banner in the rafters at Crypto.com Arena before they leave for Inglewood, though. Kawhi Leonard and Co. are one of the early favorites to win the title next season. With the return of Kawhi and one of the deepest rosters in basketball, many people believe Steve Ballmer’s team can truly go all the way. With the addition of John Wall as well, they’ve just gotten even stronger.

It will certainly be nice for LA to finally get their own home instead of sharing Crypto.com with the Lakers and Steve Ballmer is making sure this new development is appealing as possible to Clippers Nation.