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Clippers’ Steve Ballmer still by far the richest owner in sports with $52.7 billion net worth

Steve Ballmer, Clippers

Forbes has just come out with this year’s list of the wealthiest owners in all of sports, and as expected, Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer is at the very top yet again with a net worth of $52.7 billion. Ballmer was  at the same spot last year, and it is not at all surprising that he remains right up there.

The No. 2 man on the list is Mumbai Indians owner Mukesh Ambani, who’s at $36.8 billion.

Ballmer — who made his fortune as the former Chief Executive Officer of a certain technology company from Silicon Valley named Microsoft — entered the world of the NBA when he purchased the Clippers for a record $2 billion in 2014. This was immediately following the Donald Sterling controversy, and it’s easy to say that Ballmer was one of the biggest winners coming out of this fiasco.

Since Ballmer’s arrival in LA, he has helped transform the side into the powerhouse team they are today. Last summer, the Clippers had the most successful offseason in franchise history when they acquired both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, making them instant contenders in a ruthless Western Conference.

Just last month, Ballmer agreed to a deal to purchase the Forum in Inglewood for a whopping $400 million in cash. This was a huge investment on the part of Ballmer, but once you look at his total net worth, it is clear that he has the spending capacity. This move will allow the Clippers to move away from Staples Center, giving the team a more reputable identity in the years to come.