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Tony Allen says Patrick Beverley’s defense on Kevin Durant in Warriors-Clippers series is working

Tony Allen, Kevin Durant, Warriors, Clippers

Former NBA player Tony Allen is convinced that Los Angeles Clippers point guard Patrick Beverley is doing a great job defending Golden State Warriors superstar Kevin Durant.

Beverley, who is just 6-foot-1, is giving up a lot of height in his matchup with Durant, who is a long 6-foot-9 forward. In an interview with Chris Vernon of Grind City Media, Allen explained why Beverley is having a lot of success guarding the much taller Durant in their playoff series.

Allen, who is a three-time NBA All-Defensive First Team member, said that big and tall guys like Durant are having difficulties operating in crowded space. The one-time NBA champion pointed out that Beverley is doing a great job limiting the space for Durant to do his usual stuff in offense.

“One thing that hurts those tall guys who can put it on the floor is crowded space,” Tony Allen said. “And that’s all Patrick Beverley is doing, is crowding the space, not letting him catch it, making it physical for him to catch, and when he gets it, it’s a competition within, and I think Patrick Beverley’s winning that battle.”

In their first two games, Kevin Durant has been limited to 22.0 points in 33 minutes per game. It is below his averages of 26.0 points during the regular season. He was also ejected in the series opener, as he was visibly upset of how Patrick Beverley was defending him and trying to get into his head.

In their 135-131 loss to the Clippers on Monday night, Durant had just eight attempts from the field, finishing with 21 points, 11 of those coming from the free-throw line. During the regular season, the former NBA Most Valuable Player averaged 17.7 attempts from the field.