Clippers video: Boban Marjanović starts off interview with 'Vote For Me'
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Video: Boban Marjanović starts off interview with ‘Vote For Me’

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Throughout the past couple of months, Boban Marjanovic has shown a different side of himself by being part of some clips where he can be seen dancing along with his teammate, Tobias Harris. From their days with the Detroit Pistons, until now that they are both part of the L.A. Clippers, they still have fun together off the court, by spending a lot of time, and continuing to dance on videos.

During a recent interview, the 29-year-old Serbian international was back to his unorthodox ways. While he has not had a lot of opportunities to stand at the podium and be surrounded by reporters, it was understandable that he is not used to how he’ll conduct himself. It resulted in him having too much fun and felt like he was the president of the country. He even started the interview by asking those around inside the room to vote for him, via a tweet made by Law Murray of ESPN.

If there’s anything good that can be taken from Marjanovic’s actions, it goes to show how relaxed he is now, and that he is beginning to get used to having the spotlight on him. However, he may also want to be just like any other player who acts normally and answers the questions thrown at them.

For what it’s worth, Marjanovic may have also endeared himself more to the fans, as he is already a crowd favorite wherever he plays. He has not received significant amounts of playing time consistently throughout his NBA career, but whenever he’s fielded in, he is always cheered on loudly, and his hilarious start to the interview could grow his fan base further.