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Video: Clippers fan nails 3-pointer at buzzer, wins trip to London


The L.A. Clippers have been in the spotlight for an infamous locker room incident following their game against the Houston Rockets on Monday night. But on this Wednesday night game versus the Denver Nuggets, the Clippers and their fans had something to celebrate, particularly one fan who won a trip to London.

During a break in the game, a Clippers fan by the name of Antoine was part of an in-game promotion courtesy of American Airlines. He had to make four shots — one from the free throw line, a 3-pointer from the wing, another 3-pointer from the opposite end, and finally a 3-pointer from the top of the key.

Each shot he made was equivalent to a travel destination but making all four shots would give him the option to choose among the pre-determined spots where he wanted to go.

Making the foul shot would net him a trip to New York. The first three from the wing meant Sydney was in the bag. The other wing three-pointer was for London. And a three from the middle (a 23-foot, 9-inch shot), secured him a trip to Beijing. He had to make all four shots in 30 seconds or less.

But Antoine wanted the drama.

Sinking his first two shots, the foul shot and the one from the top of the key (which should have been the last one, by the way), Antoine needed two shots to nail down Sydney but London was harder to get.

With 10 seconds to go, Antoine needed four shots to drill in one at the buzzer. When asked to choose which destination he wanted, he looked at the crowd and then decided it was London for him.

After emotions ran hot early this week, it’s refreshing to see that the only thing hot this night was one fan’s shooting.