Clippers video: Kawhi Leonard gets the shot to go from behind the backboard
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Video: Clippers’ Kawhi Leonard gets the shot to go from behind the backboard


The LA Clippers are behind against the Boston Celtics, and it’s looking to be an upset for the ages if the Celtics manage to finish the Clippers. However, they have all the confidence in the world as they have one of the game’s best closers in Kawhi Leonard.

In fact, he just showed off his incredible skills by getting the shot from quite an impossible angle.

It seems crazy that the Claw can do all of this without breaking so much as a sweat, but that’s just how talented he is as a scorer. He’s become one of the most respected finishers in the NBA as he developed his sharpness through his years in the NBA.

If you think this shot looks familiar, it’s because he’s done it a couple of times. He loves shooting a moving jumper after driving to the right. If you can’t remember what exact moment is being described here, Joel Embiid is more than happy to remind you:


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