EA Sports revealed their first look at College Football 25's Gameplay along with Michigan RB Donovan Edwards and YouTuber Bordeaux. The two played some quick head-to-head matches, showing off some of the new gameplay features we've learned of in recent deep dives. Furthermore, we also learned a few new tidbits of information that make fans will definitely look forward to seeing. Without further ado, let's check out College Football 25's Gameplay.

Donovan Edwards Faces YouTuber Bordeaux in College Football 25 Gameplay First Look

EA Sports' College Football 25 Gameplay First Look dropped today, featuring Michigan RB Donovan Edwards and YouTuber Bordeaux. In total, the two played a pair of matches in the upcoming College Football game, which marks EA's first NCAAF game since 2013. While the First Look mostly showed off information that we'd seen in previous deep dives, there's some details worth noting.

Defensive Alignments

The first game took place in Michigan Stadium, as Edwards (playing as the Wolverines) hosted YouTuber Bordeaux, who played as Texas. At about 5:22 into the video, we get to see how players can change their defensive alignment to mask their play. So instead of using a base alignment, you can set your defense's shell to be anything you want.

For example, if you want to use a play like Over Storm Brave, but want your alignment to look like you're doing Cover 2 defense, you can totally do that. It should add another layer of depth to the defense as you mask your plays from opponents. This sounds especially awesome if you play with a friend on the same TV. Now you'll really be able to disguise what play you're using.

Touchdown Celebrations

Additionally, College Football 25 will feature over 20 touchdown celebrations to use. In fact, the game will feature a menu that you can pause and look at any time to select the celebration you want to use. For example, if you want to wave goodbye, just flick the right stick up while pressing R2 or RT.

Turbo Tempo and Player Fatigue

We also got to see a glimpse of Turbo Tempo in action. This form of tempo just completely skips to the next play when you finish one. It gets you behind the line of scrimmage as fast as possible, though you can still do things like audibles and hot routes. However, just keep in mind that if you use this form of Tempo too often might fatigue your players.

That's where Wear & Tear comes in. We learned more about this back in the first Deep Dive. Essentially, the more your player plays, and the more gruesome hits they take, the more their performance is affected. For example, a RB who's recorded 25+ touches in a game might have lower attributes in some areas. Therefore, make sure you give your best players a rest now and then to avoid injury.


At about 18:27, players can see how weather affects Gameplay in College Football 25. For example, a wet ball will be much tougher to throw with than a dry ball on a sunny day. So weather patterns like rain and snow might affect your performance.

Overall, that includes some of the new tidbits unveiled in the College Football 25 Gameplay First Look video, featuring Michigan RB Donovan Edwards and YouTuber Bordeaux. Sure, we could write more about some of the gameplay details that have already been explained. However, we know you're just looking forward to see the gameplay. So, enjoy!

Although the video is 20 minutes long, we know everyone is still hungry for more CFB 25 info. There's some good news for you, as EA Sports plans to release a ton of new information throughout the week. From Road To Glory and Ultimate Team, there's a lot more we have yet to see in College Football 25.

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