Welcome to championship weekend! We have some great games this weekend and multiple games with playoff implications. It's time to continue our college football odds series with the best picks for Championship weekend!

TCU and USC can both earn a spot in the fight for the national championship with a victory, while Ohio State is sitting at home hoping either one of these teams loses, which would likely mean the Buckeyes clinch a spot in the dance. It’s going to be an exciting weekend for college football. Let’s get into our best bets!

All college football odds, courtesy of FanDuel.

USC vs Utah

USC -2.5 (-105)

USC knows that they are fighting for their playoff lives in this matchup, and there have been some whispers that even a win may not be enough to get them in if it is only by a point or two. The Trojans will look to come out aggressive, punch Utah in the mouth early on in the game, and win in a convincing fashion. I don’t see this game being a 20-point blowout by any means, but I could absolutely see several scenarios where USC leaves no doubt and wins by at least a touchdown.

Utah represents USC’s only loss so far this season, and we can’t forget that. But, we also must remember how difficult it is to beat a team twice in the same season. These two teams have already seen each other once, and USC is well aware of what they have to do differently in order to emerge victorious this time around. I’m very comfortable betting they will do that, and take care of business.

Michigan vs Purdue

Purdue +16.5 (-110)

There are very few scenarios in which Michigan loses this game. That would be an upset of massive proportions. However, if there was ever a definition of a letdown game, this is it. 

Michigan is coming off a dominating victory against their century-old rival, playing a ranked team in what many see as just a mere formality, and may already be dreaming ahead to the College Football Playoff and a chance to win a national championship. Purdue, meanwhile, is playing entirely with house money.

Expect Michigan to have a bit of a slow start, while Purdue comes out firing on all cylinders with nothing at all to lose. Michigan is too good not to fight back and win, but their slow start, combined with a possible trick play here or there by Purdue, will allow Purdue to cover the spread. My pick? Wolverines by 12.

Georgia vs LSU

Georgia -17.5 (-110)

This was arguably the toughest matchup to determine. Georgia’s moneyline is way too expensive, I don’t trust LSU enough to take their moneyline, and the spread could absolutely go either way. If Georgia plays to their absolute best, they should be able to cover this spread with ease. If they don’t, however, this is an LSU team with a win against Alabama already this season, and this team is good enough to put up a fight and keep the game competitive.

TCU vs Kansas St

TCU moneyline (-140)

TCU is the better team, and they know this is a situation where if they win they are in for the College Football Playoff. They could still make it with a loss, but this team will be fired up and won’t leave anything up to chance. TCU moneyline is the best play here to buy some insurance if it’s a nailbiter, but trust TCU to come away with the win, securing themselves a berth in the CFP in the process.

Clemson vs North Carolina

North Carolina moneyline +245

If you aren’t quite the risk-taking type, you can take the North Carolina spread and reduce your risk quite a bit. That being said, I see so much value on this line that I just can’t pass it up. Clemson is the better team, and this is risky without a doubt, as is every moneyline underdog. However, there is value here, and long term if you bet where there is value, you will have a much better chance of being profitable over time. Clemson is currently favored by a touchdown, but I view this as closer to a 4.5-point spread, which brings the moneyline value down to around +175 to +190. If the books are offering me +245, I’ll take that every day.

Clemson is the better team, but the disparity between these two teams is a lot less than what people are making it out to be, and I think UNC has a good chance of pulling off the victory here.