In college sports, football is the driving force to behind anything dealing with expansion. In the arms race for star power and money, there may be a few who catch the short end of the stick, and this is the reality facing the Pac-12.

Since it was announced two charter Pac-12 schools, USC and UCLA, would leave to join the Big Ten in 2024, the conference has been left in flux. Part of the trouble includes the ever-lasting search to find a media deal to help their remaining schools, and maybe those being added, to sustain.

According to The Athletic, there's a shocking reason why the Pac-12 is still searching for that elusive deal.

Per the report: “Three people with knowledge of the discussions said commissioner George Kliavkoff is struggling to find partners willing to pay close to what the league is seeking. Two of those sources said Kliavkoff overpromised his members on how many bidders there would be and what dollar amount they could command — a target north of $40 million per school, according to one league athletic director. Today, it’s uncertain whether the Pac-12 will even be able to exceed the $31.6 million average the Big 12 reportedly landed in a six-year extension with ESPN and Fox it reached last fall.”

Another thing that sticks out is the uncertainty surrounding the Pac-12. The SEC knows they're adding Texas and Oklahoma soon. The Big Ten is bringing USC and UCLA aboard. It looks like the ACC is staying intact (for now), and the Big 12 has Cincinnati, Central Florida, BYU and Houston beginning play in their conference next season. Nobody knows what the Pac-12 will even look like going forward.

So when it comes to a media deal, the networks are probably hesitant to commit to anything because there's no end game right now.

Maybe the Pac-12, and their commissioner, should figure that out before seeking a media deal.