Former NFL star Ryan Clark has some strong criticisms of Dan Lanning after the Oregon Ducks head coach appeared to diss the Colorado Buffaloes in his pregame speech on Saturday.  For those who missed it, Lanning basically accused Colorado football of “fighting for clicks” instead of wins.

“Rooted in substance, not flash. Today we talk with our pads … The Cinderella story's over. They're fighting for clicks, we're fighting for wins. There's a difference. This game ain't gonna be played in Hollywood. It's played on the grass,” Lanning said to his players as caught on cameras inside the locker room.

Lanning's fiery message quickly went viral, and it was a major talking point after his Ducks destroyed the Buffaloes 42-6. However, not everyone took kindly of the gesture, including Clark who expressed belief that the Oregon tactician became the very person he despises.

“The entire country tuned into to watch Oregon football beat Colorado football, and Dan Lanning made it a point to tell everyone what he thought about the Buffs doing it ‘for clicks.' I'm here to inform Dan so did you. You invited the cameras into the locker room to go viral, and congrats you did. Did it your way, not Deion Sanders’ way,” Clark shared.

“Deion Sanders doesn't tear down others to build himself up. He doesn't speak on other teams [and] coaches, because he doesn't need to. I get it, it seems Hollywood when the biggest stars keep their eyes on you, but make no mistake about it Dan, you were concerned with those eyes too!”

Ryan Clark does make a good point. If Lanning doesn't care about the “clicks” as well, he would have asked for the cameras to be taken out of the locker room. But he didn't. A case could be made that the Oregon coach has no control over that, but to Clark's point, he has control on what he says to his team.

For what it's worth, though, Lanning has since spoken out about the criticisms he's receiving for his comments about Deion Sanders and Colorado football, noting that he only cares about winning with his team.

“I'm going to do everything I can to win the game and everything I can to motivate my team,” the 37-year-old coach shared, via Rob Moseley of

Sure enough, it doesn't look like Lanning will be bothered by what Clark just said.